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Ballarat Jump Outs - 14 January 2021



Field: Amalfi Spritz (M Cumani), Arcadia Prince (A McDonald), Bottom Deck (G Osborne), Chase Award (G Osborne), Cianna (S Morrish), Crockett (T McEvoy), Kermadec / Hannah Mary (R Cully), Six Degrees (P Cannon)

Field: Chequered Love (L Smith), Cuban State (T McEvoy), Delightful Icing (G Osborne), Milonia (A Alexander), Nice To Know (S Keating), Nuclear Option (A McDonald), Pins / Urban (R Cully), Precious Love (G Osborne)

Field: Ethan Rom (C Maher), He's Gods Gift (R Foster), Iron One (G Osborne), Its Classified (L Smith), Mevius (T Carberry), Miss Chang'e (A Alexander), Rock De Combes / Show Up (R Cully), Thumper (G Osborne), Sir Domigo (B Cross)

Field: Coeur De Paris (G Osborne), La Bella Mosa (G Osborne), Madame Solario (N Blackiston), Never Declare (T Carberry), Only Right (K Carnes), Sir Menaduke (G Brown), Star Spirit (A Alexander)

Field: Adelaide / Sleeque (M Cumani), Bright Morningstar (G Osborne), Helen's Boy (A Cosgriff), Ivy's Garden (B Goodwin), Jharana (N Blackiston), Mighty Deano (G Osborne), Milo Man (G Osborne), Parisian Dancer (A Alexander), Rather Fantastic (T Carberry),

Field: Kanzai (M Freedman), King Of Vandals (N Blackiston), Mr Shelby (T McEvoy), Stogursey Prince (G Brown), Yankee Diva (N Blackiston)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Burrumbeet Track, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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