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Ballarat Jump Outs - 13 May 2021



Field: A Quiet Achiever (Thomas Carberry), Accordingly (Nigel Blackiston), Censored (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Director's Cut (Rodney Foster), My Man Godfrey (Dan O'Sullivan)

Field: Catskill (Dan O'Sullivan), Chrysos (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Equally (Rodney Foster), Hit The Rim (Archie Alexander), Ripasso (Matt Cumani), The Difference (Tony & Calvin McEvoy)

Field: Dewhurst (Archie Alexander), Getonthebeers (Brittany Goodwin), Jamcra (Emma Fouchard), Lopez (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Vahash (Tony & Calvin McEvoy)

Field: Chouxting The Mob (Simon Morrish), Delightful Icing (George Osborne), Ebb And Flow (Melody Cunningham), Hot 'N' Sassy (Melody Cunningham), Hurtle (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Ideal Miss (Nigel Blackiston), My Boy Birmingham (Tony & Calvin McEvoy)

Field: Credit Cards (Melody Cunningham), Hervor (George Osborne), Maha (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Melmac (Linda Meech), Rocabella (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), The Bont (Shay Keating)

Field: Forever Owing (Tony Romeo), It's The Bubby (Simon Morrish), Mistake (George Osborne), Simon Says (Mark Pegus), Tessneem (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Yankee Toff (Melody Cunningham)

Field: Jaydee 'N' Will (NZ) (Simon Morrish), Lassiter (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Mystery Diamond (Marita Lawson), Princess Azza (Alan Hanrahan), Something Foxy (Ciaron Maher & Dave Eustace), Thumper (George Osborne), Tycoon's Girl (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Yulong Justify (Tony & Calvin McEvoy)

Field: Eclair Sunrise (Dan O'Sullivan), Frosty Vonn (Mark Pegus), King Tereus (George Osborne), Michante (Ciaron Maher & Dave Eustace), Starsella (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Sure No Something (Lindsay Smith), Yulong Jet (Tony & Calvin McEvoy)

Field: Elite Icon (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Iron One (George Osborne), Kuroshio x Not A Care (Patrick Payne), Nina Carmella (Tony Romeo), Philosophers Stone (Tony & Calvin McEvoy), Sistine Explorer (Andrew Noblett), Yulong Prediction (Mitchell Freedman)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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