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Ballarat Jump Outs - 10 March 2021



Field: Bill The Boxer (T McEvoy), Compatriot (C Maher), County Hall (A Payne), Halcyon East (D O'Sullivan), Protection Money (N Blackiston), Saintly Rose (D Hunter)

Field: Dimaggio (T McEvoy), Eleanor River (L Boyd), Jenkins (M Cumani), Pit Viper (A Payne), Smokin' Romans (C Maher), Under My Spell (N Blackiston)

Field: Euro Zone x Takeyourmark (T Conlon), Jimmy Creed x Messalina (T Kelly), Mayshestar (T McEvoy), Mona Dream (A Alexander), Wazuzu (L Whelan), Witchfulthinking (A Noblet),

Field: Jamaican Me Run (A Alexander), Leica Rock (J Markovic), Pierro x Kincara Miss (A Alexander), Royal Bower (D O'Sullivan), The Krone (T McEvoy), Transplant (T McEvoy), Yes He Can (A Payne)

Field: Bounty Shark (H White), Chill Factor (B Lawlor), Eclair Rhythm (D O'Sullivan), Crackhorn (A Alexander), Danny's St Darci (A Alexander), Toranados (G Brown), Watch And Act (A Payne),

Field: Fiorente Spree (D O'Sullivan), Grand Quill (B Lawlor), Lady Of The Falls (A Alexander), Rebel Dane X Whytwokay (A Bobbin), Sassy Choice (A Alexander), Say Good Night (H Jamieson), Trust In A Gale (A Bobbin)

Field: Cheval De Luxe (A Peterson), Full Force Gale (T Carberry), Furioso (M Cumani), Mwah (A Cosgriff), Siding (M Cumani), Swamp Vixen (T McEvoy), Zancada (M Cumani)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Burrumbeet Track, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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