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Avoca Jump Outs - 19 April 2021



Field: Free Eagle x Sherborne Abbey (T & C McEvoy), Mac 'N' Cheese (C McEvoy), Palentino x Sea Horse (R Cully), Party In Fitzroy (A Cosgriff), Star Witness x Riverina Red (M Freedman), Tavistock x Here We Come (R Cully), Vignale (M Freedman)

Field: Deep Field x Chloe (C McEvoy), Drunkasamonkey (M Freedman), Hearts And Minds (R Cully), Spanish Victory (M Freedman), Wandjina x Pediment (R Cully), Who Are Those Guys (A Cosgriff)

Field: Amalfi Amore (M Cumani), Bowing (M Freedman), Buck Bay (E Church), Quick 'N' Dandy (A Alexander), Storming Princesse (K McCartin), Ventisette (A Alexander)

Field: Balle D'or (S Morrish), Ebb And Flow (M Cunningham), Hooverwhackadoovy (A Peterson), Justabitcrackers (H Dwyer), Marks Line (B McKnight), Ronin Man (M Cunningham), Yulong Contact (M Freedman)

Field: Credit Cards (M Cunningham), Lucky Sham (M Freedman), Maconni (H Dwyer), Smoke Winkens (M Cumani), Sports Gazette (B McKnight), Top Critic (H Dwyer), Witch Queen (H Dwyer)

Field: Hit The Rim (A Alexander), Hot Seat (B McKnight), Love 'N' Peace (T McEvoy), Meteorite (C McEvoy), Never No More (S Morrish), Reciprocation (A Alexander), Versaider (K McCartin)

Field: Mister Mogul (H Dwyer), Bam's On Fire (C Maher), Peggy Selene (C Maher), Supreme Thunder (A Alexander)

Field: Brookline (A Alexander), Hauteur (A Alexander), Patmos Island (C McEvoy), Six Senses (C McEvoy), Tanaka Son (C McEvoy), Proisir x Ziva (C Maher)

Field: Carisma (A Peterson), Demando (A Noblet), Run Jimmy Run (A McKnight), Tarzino x La Roseraie (H Dwyer), Twelve Stars (H Dwyer)

Field: All Too Royal (C Maher), Global Gift (C Maher), Turin Warrior (A Alexander), Vardani (A Alexander), Yankee Toff (M Cunningham), Zelectra (A Noblet)

Field: Amusez Moi (A Alexander), Daunting Magic (A Alexander), Glass Slipper (B O'Farrell), Heleva Deel (H Dwyer), Pit Viper (A Payne), Under The Tassels (H Dwyer), Winsome Voyage (D Larsson)

Field: Cataracta (C Maher), Irish Butterfly (H Dwyer), Molesey (N Roe), Moscow Red (H Dwyer), No Name Enya (P Cannon), Shultzy (P Cannon), Who's Your Papy (C Maher),

Field: Arivakova (A Alexander), Arockandahardplace (M Denhem), Cristofina (H Dwyer), Irish Valentine (H Dwyer), Miles Ahead (A Alexander)

Field: Chelsea Toff (B O'Farrell), Dimaggio (C McEvoy), Easy Drama (D Larrson), Fields Of Ivy (C McEvoy), Off The Ground (A McDonald), Telemarketer (J Scott)

Field: Chaillot (A Alexander), Fox Hall (C McEvoy), Light Pillar (C Maher), Sassy Annie (J Scott), Savoie (A McKnight), Young Rascal (A Alexander)

Field: Category Five (C Maher), Nearly (B O'Farrell), Raffish (A Alexander), Reformist (A Alexander), Sublime Miss (C Maher)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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