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Avoca Jump Outs - 18 May 2021



Field: Flying Artie x Golden Child (H Dwyer), Khalifa Miss (C Maher), Nabbed (C McEvoy), Rebel Dane x Whytwokay (A Bobbin), Shalaa x Pale Face Grace (R Cully), Skilled Express (M Pegus), Witch Queen (H Dwyer)

Field: Aquila Miss (J Scot), Dauntless (C McEvoy), Exosphere x Bella Heart (A Noblet), Fiorente x Maunatrice (M Pegus), Leolaine (H Dwyer), Media Empress (H Dwyer), Sonora (C Maher)

Field: Gold Logie (M Pegus), Ocean Orphan (S Noble), Peggy Selene (C Maher), Skytain (M Morrissey), Zouhope (C McEvoy)

Field: I See You Coming (L Smith), Lumin (A Noblet), Pedal To The Metal (L Smith), Salsaset (A Alexander), Stay In Touch (C Maher & D Eustace), Thornbirds (A Alexander)

Field: Crocodile Dundeel (R Cully), Jyoti (C McEvoy), Longduan (P Ryan), Parisian Dancer (A Alexander), Zoudini (R Cully), Zoushine (C McEvoy)

Field: Charm And Disarm (L Smith), D'Aguilar (P Payne), Douceur (P Payne), Flying Artie x Exceleine (A Alexander), I Love This City x Skewer (R Cully), Simply Venus (P Payne), Star Spirit (A Alexander)

Field: Bastyan (P Payne), Cartier Post (P Payne), Celestial Warrior (S Noble), Frankie Pinot (C McEvoy), Heaven's Gift (C McEvoy), Livingston Falls (A Noblet), Wicklow Town (J Scott)

Field: Bait Zain (S Noble), Bolinda Belle (S Naylor), Consort (D Cannon), Gaius (H Dwyer), House Spouse (P Payne), Moonlight Serenade (E Bourke), Templar (M Payne), What A Sham (P Payne)

Field: Grizzlies (P Payne), Imposing Brook (P Payne), Madetobebroken (P Payne), Zouzouli (P Payne)

Field: Darwin's Theory (P Payne), Shellaquin (P Payne), The Cunning Fox (P Payne), Tern And Go (P Payne)

Field: Balle D'Or (S Morrish), Elegist (H Dwyer), Mayan (C McEvoy), Prom Host (R Linnell), Rippa Buzz (D Cannon), Telekinesis (H Dwyer), Tycoon Bucks (A Noblet)

Field: Abraxos (A Hanrahan), Central Bay (K Watson), Fighter (C McEvoy), Mark The Horse (M Payne), Miss Dreamer (S Noble), Rockarente (D Loos)

Field: Chaska (C Maher), I'm Dun Dreamin' (A Payne), Fuentess (D Cannon), Tinandali (C Maher), Top Critic (H Dwyer), Vistabelle (H Dwyer),

Field: Danali (S Naylor), Halcyon Dame (A Alexander), Miss Chippeur (M Payne), Naughton (P Payne), Sea Crossing (A Alexander), True Impact (J Scott), Valentino's On (H Dwyer)

Field: Blood Sweat Tears (C Maher), Hare (L Smith), Irish Butterfly (H Dwyer), Perfect Legacy (A Alexander), Trust Funds (A Alexander), Unhinched (C Maher)

Field: Gate Crash (P Payne), Glass Slipper (B O'Farrell), Mr Pickwick (P Payne), Shultzy (P Cannon), Something Grand (J Scott), Wine O'Clock (P Payne)

Field: Bygone Era (P Payne), Hello Handsome (P Payne), Henry The Lion (R Cully), Honour Of Clare (D Kelly), Irish Valentine (H Dwyer), Right Moment x Desert King (M Shillito), Without A Cause (A Alexander)

Field: Ashdot (E Fouchard), Beelfree (E Fouchard), Never No More (S Morrish), Valcurl (S Noble)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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