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Avoca Jump Outs - 15 February 2021



Field: Give Val A Ring (M Freedman), Hey Doc (T McEvoy), Rose Of Sebring (C Maher & D Eustace), Themagicneverends (L Boyd)

Field: Blue Tycoon (M Cunningham), Compatriot (C Maher), Crowned Monarch (M Freedman), Grabowski (C Maher), Man From Uncle (D Smith), Pretty Brazen (C McEvoy)

Field: Celestine (T McEvoy), Coralee (C Maher), Italian Viking (T McEvoy), Moral Force (M Freedman), Ripit Toff (M Cunningham), Surecan (C Maher), Winning Deal (M Pegus)

Field: Euphegenia (A Noblet), Ho Ho Lord (M Freedman), Karolinka (C Maher), Maggie Pie (S Lenehan), Moonlight Maid (M Freedman), The Natural (T McEvoy), Wirecut (J Rowe)

Field: Al Samer x Blazing Archway (S Lenehan), Brittas Bay (J Scott), Foxy Fraulien (A Hinch), Guile (M Freedman), Isles Of Avalon (A Noblet), Larabelle (A Bobbin), Sign Of Ussuri (T McEvoy)

Field: Bold Manner (A Alexander), Nicconi x Eternal Circle (M Freedman), Our Best Guess (B O'Farrell), Rayza Warrior (A Hinch), Regal Duke (A Bobbin), Serlik (M Payne)

Field: Emperor's Star (G Brown), Gentacheeva (A Hinch), Go Gurda (B Marsden), Nearly (B O'Farrell), Pride Of Dubai x Helvita (M Freedman), Shalaa x Mamahuhu (A Alexander), Vancouver x Silk Belt (M Cumani)

Field: Excelleration (R Cully), Gimme The Goss (H Dwyer), Henry The Lion (R Cully), No Nay Never x Mystical Tale (A Alexander), Pride Of Dubai x Charlety Star (M Freedman), Vancouver x Lady Chelle (M Cumani)

Field: Irish Playboy (H Dwyer), Marinated (R Cully), Persan (C Maher), Smokin' Pierro (M Payne), South Pacific (C Maher), Think Winning (T McEvoy), Ocean Royale (M Freedman)

Field: Affair To Remember (D O'Sullivan), Charleise (C Maher), Gate Crash (P Payne), Heljami (C Maher), Scriba (P Payne)

Field: Ablestock (P Payne), Blood Sweat Tears (C Maher), Copper Fox (H Dwyer), Setanta (C Maher), Sweet Lullaby (P Payne), Uniquely (D O'Sullivan)

Field: Casa Del Sol (A Alexander), Classy Pins (C Maher), El Santo (D O'Sullivan), Flickitova (C Maher), Longclaw (P Payne), Queen Maher (A Hinch), Solar Coaster (P Payne)

Field: California Sunset (N Blackiston), Crystal Dynasty (C Maher), Haileybury Miss (A Alexander), Ideal Miss (N Blackiston), Murchison (C Maher), Sir Menaduke (G Brown)

Field: American Anthem (C Maher), Billie Frenado (C Maher), Inkerman Road (N Blackiston), Masako (A Alexander), Soloist (C Lever), Weave That Web (C Maher)

Field: Dirt On Harry (A Alexander), Lady Cumberland (D Larsson), Northern Bliss (N BLackiston), Risefromashes (L Smith), Shooting To Win x unknown dam (D Larsson), Siding (M Cumani)

Field: Bowness (N Blackiston), Defibrillate (P Payne), Home By Midnight (P Payne), Playoffs (C Maher), Sign Seal Deliver (M Cumani), Tullaroan (M Cumani)

Field: Aquilo (M Cumani), Barry The Baptist (P Jones), Courtlee Star (T McEvoy), Flying Agent (A McDonald), Survey Lane (A Hinch)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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