Ararat Jump Outs - 10 December 2020


Field: MARCEL FROM MADRID (C. Puls / P. Preusker), BACKPEDAL (W. Price / A. Noblet), HAI SUN (T. Hope / M. Freedman), BLESS THE FLEET (J. Hill / D. Smith), PARAMEDIC (D. Bates / P. Preusker), JESSICA JESSICA (J. Childs / M. Cumani), WICKED ME (N. Farley / J. Scott), COKUM GIFT ( H. Coffey / A. Coffey), TOTAL CRAFT (S. O'Meara / A. Coffey)

Field: LONGTIMEDREAMING (D. Bates / P. Preusker), CHEEKY PEAKY (T. Bull / P. Preusker), QUICK 'N' DANDY (N. Farley / A. Alexander), STARS WILL FLY (J. Childs / A. Alexander), Sun Perle (M Freedman), LUNAR KISS (S. O'Meara / A. Coffey), CLAY BIRD (H. Coffey / A. Coffey), THE SISTINE TALES (W. Price / A. Noblet), HEART OF PUISSANCE (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace)

Field: Blak Hart (A Coffey), PUNTER (H. Coffey / A. Coffey), Anrushka (D Smith), MISS ZENARA (D. Bates / P. Preusker), BRAWL (T. Bull / P. Preusker), TRUE IMPACT (N. Farley / J. Scott), FIRECAT (T. Hope / M. Freedman), SETANTA (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace), MISS ZENARA (D. Bates / P. Preusker)

Field: SKY HORSE (H. Gille / C. Maher & D. Eustace), THE BIG EASY (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace), HE'S GOD'S GIFT (S. Payne / R. Foster), VENTISETTE (J. Childs / A. Alexander), ZERETTE (D. Bates / A. Alexander), SHULTZY (N. Farley / P. Cannon), LUCKY SHAM (T. Hope / M. Freedman), LEGEND OF ZORRO (W. Price / A. Noblet)

Field: LARANJO (D. Bates / P. Preusker), MISS HAVANA COSMIC (C. Puls / P. Preusker), SOMETHING GRAND (N. Farley / J. Scott), THE ONION THIEF (T. Bull / A. Bobbin), GAIUS (M. Poy / H. Dwyer), OCEAN ROYALE (T. Hope / M. Freedman), GRAND FINAL (W. Price / A. Noblet)

Field: SHOCKING x PINNETETE (D. Bates / P. Preusker), THUNDER PARK (T. Bull / P. Preusker), AHTOHALLAN (H. Gille / J. Wardeiner), CHELOON (J. Allen / A. Alexander), HAUTEUR (J. Childs / A. Alexander), DELTA TANGO (T. Hope / M. Freedman), CANTFORGETYOU (W. Price / A. Noblet), CHARLEISE (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace)

Field: MESSIGNADI (S. O'Meara / A. Coffey), PRIMUS x GRANDIVA (H. Coffey / A. Coffey), ATOMIC x SOPHIES FINALE (D. Bates / P. Preusker), SAVVY MAK (T. Bull / P. Preusker), MAHASHAKTI (T. Hope / M. Freedman), SODALICIOUS (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace), CITY PLACE x FLYING GAGA (S. Payne / R. Foster)

Field: HEAVENLY BRIDGES (M. Poy / H. Dwyer), ARRIVA DIVA (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace), VITOSHA (T. Hope / M. Freedman), GALACTIC EXPRESS (H. Gille / C. Maher & D. Eustace), I FEEL FINE (J. Lorensini / S. Morrish), CATASTROPHIC PLAN (L. Boyd / T. Birnie)

Field: LATIN AFFAIR (N. Farley / N. Blackiston), WU DARL (H. Coffey / A. Coffey), SOUTHERN NATIVE (J. Allen / E. Church), HURRICAINE (M. Dunseath / A. McDonald), BONAMASSA (J. Childs / A. Alexander), RAFFISH (D. Bates / A. Alexander), UNHINCHED (W. Price / C. Maher & D. Eustace), Magestic Diva (K McCartin)

Field: HANDSHAKE (C. Puls / P. Preusker), ALTERNATE (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace), MICHANTE (H. Gille / C. Maher & D. Eustace), SWANWATER (N. Farley / N. Blackiston), FIGHTING SWEET (D. Bates / A. Bobbin), TRUST BUT VERIFY (L. Boyd / T. Birnie), CIANNA (J. Lorensini/ S. Morrish)

Field: ZABELARINA (D. Bates / A. Alexander), MISS HELLBENDER (J. Childs / A. Alexander), OCEAN HEART (J. Lorensini/ C. Maher & D. Eustace), YENSIR (H. Gille/ C. Maher & D. Eustace), TRANSLATOR (N. Farley / N. Blackiston), AMEROCK (T. Hope / M. Freedman)

Field: FIGHTINGFORJUSTICE (H. Gille/ C. Maher & D. Eustace), SILICON VALLEY (W. Price / C. Maher & D. Eustace), Arivakova (A Alexander), DAHWILLY (N. Farley / A. Alexander), MILES AHEAD (J. Childs / A. Alexander), NOT TO KNOW (T. Hope / M. Freedman)

Field: CARTESAN (H. Coffey / C. Maher & D. Eustace), MR EIGHTY EIGHT (J. Allen / C. Maher & D. Eustace), CONNERY (J. Childs / A. Alexander), JEALICE (D. Bates / A. Alexander), NIGHT EXPRESS (M. Poy / H. Dwyer), SAILORS FALLS (S. Cording / N. Blackiston)

Field: TOO DARN CUTE (W. Price / D. Larsson), DICANTO (N. Farley / N. Blackiston), GREAT AMBITION (L. Doodt / Y. Shima), HEADING NORTH (J. Allen / A. Payne), GENERAL JIM (C. Puls / A. McKnight), VIGERE ( ? / A. Bobbin), Briseur De Coeur (M Freedman),

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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